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Motorhome and Campervan snow driving tips

Posted by: HITS Highland Motorhomes Mar 2, 2015

Driving a Motorhome or Campervan in snow and on ice can present a whole new set of problems for someone who Drives such a large vehicle occasionally.

motorhome driving in snow

Know Your Vehicle
Not all vehicles respond the same on icy slippery roads.  Knowing how to handle your Motorhome or Campervan and how it responds in various weather conditions is important. It's recommended that motorists practice slow-speed manoeuvres on an empty snow or ice covered car park. You should also familiarise yourself with the Motorhome owner's manual , vehicle's braking system and tyre traction.

Keep Your Distance
One of the most important things to remember when driving a motorhome on slick roads is that you must travel, steer and brake more slowly than you would in normal conditions. The braking distance required to stop on ice is twice as long as what you need to brake under normal driving circumstances. It is advised you should keep at least a three car distance from the vehicle directly in front of you

Other Things to Remember
To Improve your Visibility ensure all snow and ice is removed from your vehicle. Be sure to remove ice and snow from hood, roof, trunk, indicators, tail and headlights, windows and mirrors.

Use your LOW BEAMS when driving in an ice or snow storm. You'll have better visibility.

Control turns by reducing your speed just before the turn. Any sudden acceleration or deceleration during a turn will result into a skid.

NEVER brake while driving on ice. When approaching a patch of ice, slowly brake during your approach. Applying sudden pressure to your brakes while on ice will only throw you into a skid.

And Finally
If you find yourself driving in a snow or ice storm but are not comfortable with the conditions, it's probably a good idea to get off the road as quickly as you can and find somewhere safe to park your motorhome or Campervan until the weather passes and the roads have been cleared and gritted.

Police Scotland have a brilliant leaflet on driving in bad weather.

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