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Top motorhome and campervan safety tips

Posted by: HITS Highland Motorhomes May 7, 2015

Tips on driving your Motorhome safely

    1. We recommend driving at a steady comfortable speed until you get used to the feeling of driving a motorhome or campervan. Take your time and accelerate slowly. It takes longer to stop in larger vehicle so be careful to brake sooner than you would in a car. Also, be aware of how the motorhome handles in windy conditions and adjust your speed accordingly.
    2. Stick to the Speed limit. The road speed limits are not always the same as cars. We recommend staying below 50mph on single track roads and below 60mph on dual carriageways and motorways.
    3. Consider other road users. When driving a motorhome or campervan be aware you’ll probably be driving a lot slower than the other vehicles around you. This is especially true on single track roads. When you have the opportunity and it is safe to do so, pull over and let the other vehicles pass.
    4. A motorhome is a lot taller and wider than a car so be aware of overhanging branches and other low hanging obstructions. Take your time going through narrow openings like railway bridges and gateways.
    5. Remember to give cyclists, pedestrians and horses plenty room when passing. Motorhomes can cause a lot of buffeting when overtaking so take this into consideration.
    6. Take care cornering. Brake slowly before entering the corner and give yourself plenty room by taking a wider angle to avoid cutting the corner or clipping kerbs.
    7. Always make sure the tyres are inflated to the manufactures guidelines. This will improve handling and also help your fuel efficiency.
    8. Make sure the gas bottle is turned off before you travel anywhere and that breakable items such as glasses are stowed away securely.
    9. Plan your route before you leave. It’s always better to make sure you have an idea of where you’re going and that it’s suitable for motorhomes. You don’t want to get lost up a single track country road with nowhere to turn.
    10. Finally, by following these simple tips we hope you have a great hassle free holiday and enjoy your motorhoming and campervanning experience with us. 

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